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I think I`m just way too nice. I just know that I'm the kind of person who is eager to please, and my major concern is everyone ELSE, and I place myself last. Perhaps that's why people can be such asses to me when they see I have SUCH a good temper.

Long story short, stupid fat asian guy with glasses and is a social handicap? He liked me. Confessed to me over msn. Which is like totally fine, it's chill. Even though I rejected him nicely and we agreed to be friends though, he seems to not get the point that I don't like him. FUCK. So then comes the drama. Few days after he confesses over msn we talk, like a few words per day, and it was probably awkward for him. After that he just completely ignored me, so I'm like fine whatever, give him time.

But then I realized he was just being as ASS. HOLE.

He is SO socially handicapped, it is helpless. Whenever I'm being happy with some other male friends, I can just FEEL those "hate vibes", except they're directed at me?! I've done my observing. He gives me the middle finger when he THINKS I'm not looking, and he does it like a million times per 1 1/2 hour class-- what is he, like RETARDED or something?! And then he insults me indirectly, like when my other friend threatened (playfully, I might add) to pick me up and throw me out the window, this guy just cuts in out of nowhere and says, "Do it! Save us the trouble!" and I'm just thinking: FUCK, is this any of your business? GO TO HELL, if you want to insult me, don't be a wimp and do it to my FACE.

He isn't even cute at all. His personality does NOT impress me, at ALL, and I want to tell him: It's because you have such a disgusting and disrespectful attitude that I'm GLAD I rejected you.
He will NOT go far in life, I'm telling you that. Disgusting. Absolutely DISGUSTING.

.... I'm done. I love the rest of you and everyone that encouraged me, including Ann, Logan, Diana, Dad, and Shuichi. I give you guys eternal love!
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25 March 2009 @ 06:06 pm
I feel ttly Canadian. And proud. Because that's how we Canadian are, ttly awesome for even the smallest things. Today I did something that was so complicated, I'm not even sure if it was me who actually managed it-- I COPIED AND PASTED A PRE-MADE LJ LAYOUT AND MADE IT WORK. HOMG.

GAH HAH HAH, Ann, you've got to see this. It was made just for people like you. I told you not to worry about people looking at you being Canadian, so now you can tell those meat shop ppl 'STFU GTFO' because we rock. I'm so proud. xD
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15 November 2008 @ 02:48 pm
Ughh... OTL It's so cold recently in Canada... I bet the other provinces have already started snowing even if it's not December yet. But I can't wait for winter break, really! :< I look forward to Christmas since I can spent so much time with my friends, and the prices start tumbling too.... ^o^ There's still that ridiculously- priced cardigan and sleet that I want from TNA and Mariposa's, respectively... *waits on them eagerly*
Lately I've been so stressed. Progress reports are coming out >_< These days are exactly what I'm most worried about... even now as a senior I still can't figure out what I should do to make a living after high school. University, of course, but what faculty? I'm thinking computer science or law... just afraid I'm too stupid live up to those things...

Ms. Amano is so genius... frankly I've never read a manga where every event that comes up in the plot surprises me. Other mangas, I can guess that its plot points are... typical; I don't need to read it to predict what anyone's going to do or say... but it's not the same in this manga ._. I extremely appreciate the outstanding level of entertainment that Katekyo Hitman Reborn provides.

Somebody awesome: angiechild.
I'm pretty much glued to chatting with her :[ I didn't know I could be so enthusiastic with online friends before :< Thank you for being awesome!

Anyway, that's it for today. Extreme nonsense.
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01 November 2008 @ 02:42 pm
I'm so lazy. There's still no one on this site I've added in Friends... well, for now I'm going to treat this like a diary, until later. Perhaps. Anyhow, last night all of my candy got devoured by the evil costumed children, though the little ones were so cute =D I was tempted to reject the ones that came around wearing civies, but it wasn't as bad as the Sasuke that came up to my doorstep. I closed the door in the girl's face. I really hate it when people mix Halloween up with anime dress-up... it just shows me you're an otaku, and you're too obsessed with anime. Anime is not Halloween tradition, you know? C: But I forgive.

A co-worker suggested a halloween candy clearance at Wal-Mart today. I went with her, but it was empty-- no candy, no people, no nothing. We moved to another store during its opening hours and it was just... flooded with people. The discount wasn't even that good, but after revising the ridiculous oil prices nowadays, let's just say I didn't really have the motive to step in when Audrey fought some East-Indian lady for the last 125 box of Maynard candy. That stuff's kinda good, lol... at least, the Sour Patch Kids ones. The Fruit Mania is poison.

I'm so fat now D: I'm gonna hit the weight room now...

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31 October 2008 @ 07:30 pm
Happy Halloween! This is the most ridiculously empty journal I've seen, and I currently have this many friends: *holds up a raw egg*. I'm starting over fresh and I'm too lazy to bring over old friends, so I'll see if they're interested in finding me. Which is unlikely, highly. It takes me a long time to gain friends on livejournal, lol. @_@
But I'm generally in a happy mood; yesterday was hell and it's over today... I felt so miserable yesterday after my teachers piled me with homework... and one of them threatened me with a plastic knife! That was... random, but hilarious; he wanted my late poster project in. I slept about three hours last night and sat up in the wee hours of morning practicing Grade 12 probability math...
And then I dozed off and seriously had the weirdest dream. It included Chuck Norris as the antagonist and Chrome Dokuro as the protagonist, so I'll leave it there. I can still vaguely remember what happened in it, and when Rokudou Mukuro made the most dynamic entrance I'd ever seen when Chrome called for his help. I'm really disturbed...

What else should I say? I'm running out of ideas. Oh yeah, Trauma Center (wii) is the best \^o^/ There, bye.
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